Why Vicci

We love to improve your processes and systems related with Business Documents/Data & SAP. Take our guidance for a  great shift in productivity and be surprised how much better things will work – even if you did not miss anything before.

SAP Invoice Management

We are leading in Accounts Payable Processes for SAP. We were the Pioneers in Europe introducing SAP Invoice Management to dozens of well known companies. Go with us to start, improve or complement your project.

Enterprise Content Management with SAP
We focus on OpenText as the premium and innovation leader for SAP. Never ECM and SAP has been better integrated (SAP Extended ECM). This is our strongest discipline and we would love to share our big experience with you, bringing to speed and transparence many processes in HCM, Procurement or within Order&Delivery (integrating also SAP GTS) etc.
Procurement Excellence

We are Procurement Experts. Our outstanding solutions for Procurement Intelligence, Contract Management, e-Catalogs are simple but highly effective. We have achieved great results and savings for our clients.

Legacy Decomissioning for SAP

I’s time for many companies to consolidate SAP Systems. We know how to shut off old systems without having the need and pain to migrate historical data unnecesarily to new SAP servers –  and maintain flexible access to ALL needed historical data at uncomparable costs. Full compliance assured of course.

Expertise / Topic View

ECM / Source to Pay
  • Accounts Payable Processes (Standard SW, custom made – plan, implement, update, improve, extend)
  • Integrated Contract Management
  • Procurement Intelligence for SAP and NON-SAP
ECM crossover with SAP
  • OpenText Business Center for SAP Solutions
  • HCM /  Employee Management
  • Custom powered Processes
ECM for Production&Service
  • ECM Plant Maintenance
  • IP Protection for Engineering and Production Documents
  • ECM Production Order Management
ECM Focus Software
  • SAP Extended ECM by OpenText cross-over industries & processes
  • SAP Archiving & Document Access – Dynamic Folders
  • SAP Invoice Management by OpenText
  • HCM  Employee Management based on OpenText
  • Document Presentment by OpenText
ECM for SAP - Order to Cash
  • Order Entry Document Management
  • eTrade Matrix for improved document handling in Logistics for Import & Export (Integration of SAP GTS)
ECM Basis SAP / OT
  • OpenText Basis Administration Full Coverage (Installation, upgrade, migration)
  • SAP Migration & Legacy Decommissioning

eTrade Matrix

Compliant and efficient Handling of Logistic & Customs Documents

Learn how you  integrate SAP GTS directly into your Sales (Export) or Order Processes (Import), speed up your document delivery and make sure all is compliant with tax regulations!

  • Process gaps of Sales or Purchase processes and related customs transactions (inside SAP GTS)
  • Inefficient and expensive handling and routing of documents with customs authorities, carriers, customers and suppliers
  • Financial & legal risks and compliance issues (CH  ESTV: Storage and Check trace)

eTradeMatrix integrates SAP ERP and SAP GTS (and other systems) and shows  and gives access to an end-to-end Business Process and its archived documents.  It builds on a standard concept for an intuitive, secure and high performant document handling and consolidation of your Customs and Logistic Processes and can be adopted easily to individual needs.

  • Transparence of complete order fulfillment process with export declarations (afA, eVV) all needed Business Documents
  • Reduced labour time with 360º Business insight
  • Full compliance by archiving official customs documents
  • Minimalized risks for unsolicitated VAT demands from customs
  • Time and cost saving by collecting and routing documents to Carrier automatically, electronically & paperless
  • Release work load from IT / SAP GTS departement

Bubobubo Procurement Intelligence

Join the procurement revolution and learn how to save millions within weeks with simple but highly effective analytics! Beat the BIG DATA.

  • How to stop Maverick Buying?
  • How to reduce costs by achieving better prices and doing the right tenders?
  • How to achieve transparence about spend?
  • How to be more compliant with contracts, private and public regulations?

Bubobubo offers an unique Procurement Value Chain that integrates in a very pragmatic way Spend Analytics, Vendor Contract Management and eProcurement Shops -among other components. The solution runs in the cloud and/or on premise and unleashes major saving potentials in record time, based on a highly decorated and high performant analytic platform. Built by procurement experts, it focuses on an upside down saving detection for selected categories instead of creating nice looking C-Level spend reports with little value.

  • Detect big saving potential in question of hours
  • Achieve major transparence of spend behaviour as precondition for optimizations
  • Rise spending compliance levels considerably

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Extract of companies that used our services:

Synthes, Kanton Wallis, SIL, TCS, Rivella, AFG, Mathys, Diamed, Skyguide, Bossard, Spar, Triumph, Oettinger-Davidoff, Bacardi, Sulzer Chemtech



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